Essex Garden Foods’ journey began three years ago when the firm’s directors, Polish national Marcin Bartkowiak and Radomir Wnenk from the Czech Republic, who have lived in Essex for over a decade, decided to pursue their passion and become entrepreneurs.


Marcin is a landscape architect by trade and Radomir a master butcher who had been making gorgeous sauces for friends and relatives. They used to beg him for more that they could buy.


They decided to send samples to a laboratory for testing. When they received the seal of approval for those products they knew this was a business they could build on and set it up in Chelmsford, their home town and the heart of Essex.


As a result they formed Essex Garden Foods Limited to promote their products to a wider audience. They felt it important that brand development looked to the cultural aspects of Essex and that the company name they chose associates best with the cultural aspects of the county. Additionally, it was crucial the brand name 'Proper Classic' would encapsulate the essence of Essex society.


Marcin said: “What we really like about Essex, after living for so long in this beautiful county, is its local people and their passion for gardening and growing their own food. Its strong historical rural character and unique countryside gave us an impulse to create our own and unique food product of artisan condiment sauces.”


Essex Garden Foods is also a member of ‘A Taste of Anglia’, which supports and promotes the food and drink industry across the country. They have also had support from the Essex Innovation Programme which helps businesses get off the ground.



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